Technical Skills VS Soft skills -settling the age-old debate

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14 Dec, 2023

It depends on who you ask; the opinions always vary. Which is more valuable: technical skills VS soft skills? Well, we approach you with a more neutral point of view.

Technical skills vs Soft skills is not our agenda here, we don’t believe in a war among skill sets. We are here to just inform you about technical skills a.k.a. hard skills and soft skills, and let you form your own opinion.

Although, we tend to agree, that a VERSUS aspect here sounds nicer. Technical skills vs soft skills it is then.

What are Technical skills OR Hard skills?

Technical skills or hard skills are specific skills you need to do a particular job or task. These skills may vary from one task to another, one job to another, even in the same company.

Consider the example of a salesman of a company. He must know how to make sales sheets of potential customers or ‘leads’ as boring corporate call them. But the same is not expected by the designer.

What are Soft Skills?

These skills are usually personality traits varying from different people in different positions. Being a good team player is a soft skill and so is being a good communicator. Different roles require specific skills, such as networking in sales and marketing and leadership in team management.

Technical skills are Measurable: Technical skills are generally measurable and may be expressed with numbers or straightforward yes/no questions. On the other hand, soft skills are more difficult to measure and are typically defined using words.

Using years of experience with software can assess a salesperson’s technical expertise. Their soft skills, however, may be defined as a quality, for example, as a “good” communicator.

Soft skills are improvable: People learn technical skills through schooling and on-the-job training. A designer, for example, can learn designing methods through a course. Soft skills, on the other hand, develop throughout time as a result of life and job experiences. Taking part in a sport can help build teamwork abilities, hence developing soft skills.

So, you see, hard skills vs soft skills is kind of a win-win battle already. You need both for a successful life and for Personal & Professional growth.

Why are both important for personal and professional growth?

To hit the success bullseye, you just got to hit the sweet spot between technical or hard skills and soft skills.

Technical skills support performance, soft skills advance progress and promotions. In simpler terms, you get the job based on hard skills, and you get promoted through soft skills.

Developing technical skills is important for building credibility. Soft skills like empathy and communication enhance client understanding and satisfaction.

Leadership is aided by technical knowledge, but soft skills such as communication and emotional intelligence facilitate efficient management.

Team Collaboration: Technical knowledge enables information exchange, whereas soft skills enable effective communication and conflict resolution within teams.

Problem-solving: Technical skills provide tools for dealing with complex challenges, whilst soft skills encourage innovative thinking and sound decision-making.

Personal Development: Improving technical skills increases confidence, whereas soft skills improve relationships and reduce stress, improving personal well-being.

Who is the winner?

Soft skills improve personal and professional growth. They enhance communication, leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, adaptability, problem-solving, time management, and people skills.

They are essential for building positive relationships and navigating various social and professional situations. The soft skills are social & interpersonal skills.

Soft skills include interactions, attitudes, relationships, flexibility, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, active listening, collaboration, and effective communication and leadership.

They help in effective communication, conflict resolution, and relationship-building in all contexts.

In contrast, technical abilities are task-specific, specialized, exact, and required for job performance. Continuous education is important here and also, industry relevance, and, in many cases, particular credentials.

Having technical skills is crucial for professional success in various industries. Hard skills require continuous practice and soft skills require a constant upgrade in your personal growth.

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Technical and soft skills are both crucial for a successful career in the evolving job market.

They both need each other, and you need them both. A twisted tale for sure, but in the end, this combination offers you better work experience and a quality life. You just have to find the right balance. Or as we said above, find the sweet spot, and you are set for life.