Negative Characteristics of a person to watch out for

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14 Dec, 2023

Knowing our characteristics and traits is important as they greatly influence our behavior and attitude. It is very important to acknowledge their importance, as they can greatly influence our lives in many ways. The characteristics of a person is the image that people form in their head.

The world we live in is different from what it was. Social media, communication tools, and wider worldview have expanded our preferences. Unclear preferences make it hard to make the right choices in life. Understanding our unique personality can lead to improved satisfaction, choices, and success in all aspects of life.

While your character is more flexible, your character traits remain rather constant. Your ideas mold your character, yet you have the power to alter your worldview with effort. Just as our predecessors had to adapt to live, so do we now. Our beliefs can and should be changed as our environment changes.

For example, someone shy can become confident when they take on the role of a teacher. New situations can lead to shifts in character.

But no matter what situation, avoiding these negative personality traits will help you a big deal:

Negative Thinker

A pessimist believes that everything is against them. They believe life is a terrible joke and feel imprisoned and sad.

They see setbacks as evidence that they are correct. Instead of taking ownership of their lives, they would rather whine. The need to whine is a very strong desire for them.


This person always wants to be the center of attention and make themselves look good. They prioritize their ego over everything else. They might fiercely defend their family, but if a family member upsets them, they make it clear who matters most.


Greedy people take all they can from you without considering your needs. They’re insatiable and always want more. If you ask for something that doesn’t benefit them, be prepared for disappointment. Your value to them is based on what you can provide.

Always Needing to Be Right

This person must be correct all the time, or at least appear to be. If they are unable to disprove others, they will disparage the other person’s character. They think that their feelings and sense of justice are more significant than the facts.


People that are manipulative exploit others to further their agendas, and they may even take pride in it. They manipulate others by using guilt to get what they desire. Not everyone who manipulates others by using guilt is aware of it.


Dishonest people offer help with ulterior motives. They might suddenly show interest in your life only to get something they want from you. Keeping secrets to protect someone is one thing, but lying to others to get what you want is another.

Quick to Judge

Some people quickly judge others based on appearances without knowing the whole story. They label someone as a “bad person” without getting to know them better. Judgy people judge to feel superior and may turn on you as well.

Next time you bump into a new colleague, or someone new in your life, watch out for the traits listed above.

If you don’t take into consideration negative characteristics of a person, by all means trust them blindly, and you will end up revisiting this article.

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