Gamified Learning — The Legacy Network approach

Legacy Network

25 Jun, 2024

The conventional method of acquiring knowledge involves thorough reading and practicing until one can confidently demonstrate their understanding in an examination, thus enabling them to progress to the next lesson. But, that’s a very limited method, which sooner or later results in a limited life.

Most of us have experienced being blank in our exams, but we still remembered the lyrics of the songs we heard 5 years ago. In a broader example, there are countless poker players who were never good at math. If you’ve ever watched those viral videos of animals successfully solving puzzles and demonstrating mental agility, it becomes evident that their impressive abilities do not stem from reading instructional books. They aren’t taught in a conventional way, because scientists know that just doesn’t work for a sustainable education. Hence, game-based learning is the biggest boom to modern learning.

Brains reject boring stuff, and that’s exactly why our memory doesn’t retain any of it. And when it’s time to practically perform the task, lack of sustainable knowledge leads to procrastination and laziness. But, when we play a game, the brain retains the ‘must-do’ things in order to clear that level. And when it’s our turn to clear the checkpoint, we remember all the mission objectives and the things we should do to clear that level. I know that a light-weight car will either blast itself or run wild with a V8 engine. I didn’t learn it from an automobile book or magazine, I learned it through a game, and I retained it.

This is our approach at Legacy Academy: we just don’t talk about personal development, we work towards genuine personal development. The one which you will retain and use in life. We could’ve just sent a PDF file on growth and success, you’d read it, but where’s the fun in that? You didn’t learn anything, you just read it. Our game-based approach appeals to the cognitive process. We put emphasis on the joy experienced throughout your learning journey, and we didn’t forget the positive reinforcement aspect of it either. After completing each module, users are rewarded with thrilling rewards and Legacy Tokens (LGCT). These rewards are designed to provide the extra push and motivation needed to embark on yet another skill-building journey in the form of a game.

Benefits of Game-based learning approach of Legacy Academy

1. Sustainable knowledge

Our game-based modules activate visual stimuli in your brain. Our brains are naturally inclined to remember patterns rather than plain text, making visual learning more impactful and memorable.

2.Strategic Thinking

Our games demand quick thinking from players. Furthermore, individuals are required to employ logical thinking skills in order to anticipate and overcome challenges, ultimately progressing through various levels. This is important because it helps people in enhancing their reasoning skills, precision, and capacity to think quickly and creatively.

3. Skill Building

Quick Thinking. Making rational decisions. Reward-Based Learning System. Personal and professional development. Knowing more about yourself.

These are just some of the many skills our gamified learning approach helps you achieve.

4. Positive Reinforcement

Not only do you experience an exhilarating learning process, but you also receive rewards such as collectibles, Legacy Tokens, and other enjoyable items that can be traded within the ecosystem once you complete the levels.

Education and gaming were never enemies, they were always siblings, they always went together. We at Legacy Network developed the technology that was not intended to dominate people, but to empower them. Try our gaming-centric method to enhance your personal and professional development skills, enabling you to become an exceptional individual, foster meaningful connections, and find joy in the process.