Boosting Employee Productivity: Strategies and Tips

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14 Dec, 2023

Employee productivity is the quantity of work an employee can complete in a given amount of time. Measuring employee productivity is often focused on individuals’ achievements. However, staff productivity is about a company’s well-being and capacity for growth.

Productivity formula:

Productivity = output (your KPIs and metrics)/ input (hours & resources spent)

What are the advantages of increased employee productivity?

The most obvious advantage of having highly productive employees is that your company is producing more work. This could indicate an increase in the number of goods produced, services provided, clients assisted, and so forth.

Your company’s efficiency is a key advantage as well. High level of productivity indicates that your processes and structures are well-established. And that your staff members have all they need to reach their full potential.

Motivated workers who are engaged work harder to maintain productivity and meet high performance standards, leading to high staff productivity.

What makes productivity so important?

A key component of corporate success is encouraging staff efficiency that leads to positive business outcomes. Additionally, it benefits people in the workforce.

  1. For businesses, increased productivity is an indication of the wellbeing and expansion of a company. A successful company can grow by adding new services and maybe reducing costs.
  2. For workers: People who are productive move closer to realizing their full potential. We can easily and peacefully handle our work, home lives, hobbies, and family obligations when we are productive.

The four types of productivity

In the past, businesses have measured productivity using four different categories of productivity, one of which is labor productivity.

Another measure of productivity is capital productivity, which calculates the production generated per unit of money spent.

Material productivity is a measure of how much is produced compared to the amount of raw materials used. It’s related to labor productivity.

The result is the total productivity, which is calculated by adding the three factors mentioned above.

Which factors affect employee productivity?

Although the productivity formula appears straightforward, the underlying factors affecting employee productivity are far from straightforward. These are some of the factors that could be influencing the productivity of the workers in your company.


Factors affecting productivity include stress, health, housing, income, and social connections.

Huge workload

Increased workloads can impact employee productivity. Working excessively can lead to exhaustion and negatively impact your mental well-being. On the other hand, having too little work can cause a lack of interest and motivation.

Manager relations

It’s no secret that every employee feels that the work experience is influenced by relationships with superiors, affecting productivity.

Facilities and technology

Slow, difficult tools and outdated technology can slow down an employee’s productivity despite their best efforts. On the other hand, having the proper equipment will boost productivity.

The easiest way to improve those productivity factors is to incorporate things like:

  1. Improving the working environment
  2. Emailing more efficiently
  3. Flexible scheduling
  4. Better incentives
  5. Increased training
  6. Avoiding micro-managing
  7. promoting better communication within the workplace
  8. and supporting self-care.

Methods for evaluating Productivity

Now that we know how to increase production, it’s critical that we understand how to measure it properly. To maintain the highest level of worker productivity, these strategies are important.

  1.  Tracking the number of objectives completed
  2.  Profit spike of your business
  3. Quantity of work done
  4. Caliber of work done
  5. and time invested in an assignment

How to improve employee productivity?

You want to work better now that you know how your productivity affects the whole system. Knowing that your role matters is extremely motivating.

Here are some useful suggestions to increase your productivity at work.

Gamify your daily tasks

Make crossing tasks off your to-do list a challenge and involve your colleagues as well. A cheerful yet motivating approach to work is the goal of this method.

Here’s something we must recommend if you enjoy this ‘gamifying your tasks’ approach – Legacy Academy. It is a game-based learning platform that will help you learn productivity skills & personal growth skills, like motivation and relationships packaged in a fun game. You can track your performance and even win Legacy Tokens ($LGCT) upon game completion.

Take breaks

Even while focused work might be effective, taking breaks eventually increases productivity.

Taking a brief break allows you to re-frame the situation and find new solutions to issues.

Stay away from distractions.

Distancing oneself from distractions may be easier said than done, but it will help you be more productive. Turning on “work mode,” turning off chat notifications, and leaving your phone out of sight all help to reduce interruptions.

Keep your goals in check.

Stay focused on your goals and create a to-do list to stay motivated and get more done.

Bottom Line

These strategies can be used for remote work and hybrid work, not just for team members in the office. Remember to maintain a work life balance and you will see that employee performance will go up.

If you ever need an idea about workforce productivity again, you are welcome to read this article again.